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when you finish your edit, video, fanfic:


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arrow crack: firefly


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arrow crackthis blogger really misses Tommy

I have reblogged this before and basically my plan is to continue reblogging it until Tommy comes back.

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teen wolf (x)

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18: A Laurel and Felicity scene
ARROW Season 3 Countdown 100 Olicity things I want
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voubledision said: Hey what did SA say about the fan made poster on his fb anwyays? (which I didn't even see but gosh keep me away from that mess lmao)

Hey darling! Honestly, it happened a day or two ago, and I can no longer find the direct quote on his page.

It wasn’t unkind in my opinion, just a little sharp and to-the-point. Essentially he announced fanartfriday (I think) but added not to send altered versions of the poster and something about disliking the negativity. I scrolled down and immediately saw what he must be referencing on the thread where he shared the poster earlier.

Personally, I think he handled it with class, simply shutting down the problem and not berating individuals. Also, I would have been disappointed in him if he *hadn’t* stood up for Katie Cassidy.

ETA: I don’t know if anything else has happened since then regarding fan-made posters, I just know this was the original issue.

callistawolf replied to your post: anonymous said:What is this Arrow…

100% agree on all of your points. Well stated!

Thank you!

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Anonymous said: What is this Arrow poster?


This is the poster in question, Anon.  Shortly after its release, fans on SA’s FB page started posting their own altered versions, mostly, I believe, coming from a good place, knowing that he enjoys memes and fan-art.

Unfortunately, many people who don’t like Laurel, felt that either she and Digg should have switched places (showcasing “the original Team Arrow”), or that she shouldn’t be on the poster at all.  So of course, the fan-altered posters that moved Laurel or re-moved her induced a lot of vitriolic comments from Laurel haters out there.  Unsurprisingly, Stephen was less-than amused.

So those are the facts, Anon.  And here’s my opinion: the people spouting hate like that ought to be totally ashamed of themselves.  You can dislike a character. Absolutely.  YOU ARE ENTITLED TO DISLIKE A CHARACTER.  Personally?  I don’t hate Laurel, per se, but she does get on my nerves a lot.  And there have been plenty of other shows I’ve watched where I did hate a character, but it would never…never occur to me to bash that actor to one of his/her co-stars the way that people were bashing Katie Cassidy to SA.

What did these people expect?  That Stephen Amell—who has shown us time and again what a decent man and caring coworker he is—wouldn’t step up to defend his castmate?  Really?  Or perhaps they don’t care either way.  Which just makes it worse because then it’s not just misguided, it’s genuine second-class behavior.  It’s the kind of people who want to be mean just for the sake of being mean.  It’s the kind of people who tried to make the other kids cry back in 7th grade.  Hell, some of them probably are 7th graders who get their kicks making their classmates cry because their self-esteem is so non-existent that the only way to attempt to feel good about themselves is to insure that no one else does.

As for the poster?  My personal reaction was, “YAY POSTER!  I’M SO EXCITED FOR SEASON 3!!!”  And then, after studying it a little more, I was excited that they placed Felicity in the position of his “right-hand girl.”  And yeah, even as a die-hard Felicity/Olicity fan who doesn’t care for Laurel much, I was excited about the implied prospect of Laurel being more involved in Oliver’s crusade (because I like has-her-shit-together Laurel.  It’s falling-apart-blaming-everyone-else Laurel who pisses me off.).

Then, admittedly, I was also a little let-down by the poster.  The Flash’s Season 1 poster was brilliant.  Brilliant.  It captured the essence of the character, had dozens of Easter eggs hidden in it for comic-book fans, and had a very stylized, artistic quality to it, which really paid homage to the comic book origin of the story.  The Arrow poster, by comparison, was disappointing.  It just doesn’t feel as creative to me.

And that’s just my personal opinion/scrutiny/critique of the poster.  Other people might have loved it.  I don’t know.  I don’t particularly care.

Sorry for the rant, Anon, but this kind of behavior from people is inexcusable in my opinion, and I think Stephen Amell was completely justified in requesting people not send him altered posters because of the negativity.